Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fashion Above the Neck, New York

This look is really about focus. This young lady knows that the drama of her look is in her asymmetrical haircut, strong contrasting eyebrows, bubblegum pink Chanel lipstick and her quirky tomboy hat.

Let's not forget that clothes can be just a distracting as they are alluring, and by keeping her clothes very simple she's creating a clear "take-away" statement for the viewer.

The more I do this blog the more I believe that great hair and well choosen accessories can be the raison d'être for a whole look.

Remember this young lady from Savannah? I do.

Her sexy, shaggy cut created a mysteriousness about her (something I see often in France - I think French girls in particular are very good at this). Again, by keeping the fashion simple she has created a very strong and concise fashion message.

Were I a young lady I would easily spend as much on a good haircut/styling as I would on a Celine dress - after all, it's something you wear every day.

In fact, if it's a really good cut, you can also wear it in a variety of ways - not always the case with clothing.

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