Monday, June 6, 2011's First Annual Photo Blog Award

The Sartorialist by Andrew Hetherington

I was pleasantly surprised today when I found out that I had been named to's First Annual Photo Blog Awards.

It's such an honor to be included with such media giants as the New York Times' Lens, NPR's The Picture Show, and's Lightbox.

I was also happy to see Andrew Hetherington's blog What's the Jackanory? also on the list. I've known Andy for years; he took the above photo of me way back in 1997. (Yes, I had very long locks back then.) I watched Andy struggle for years to find and refine a visual vocabulary, and then face the challenges of finding people to listen to that voice. It's great to see that he stuck to his guns and is receiving the respect he worked so hard to achive.

Self-Portrait by Andrew Hetherington

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